Serves over 53,000 meals

2018 - 2019

During the Spring 2018 - Fall 2019 year, the Campus Kitchens Project at Auburn University experienced a significant increase in volunteer hours and leadership growth. The team saw a rise in the number of shift leaders from 27 to 42, almost doubling the previous year's count. This growth in leadership played a crucial role in their ability to serve 53,058 meals to 18 community partners, up from the previous year's 34,124 meals served. Additionally, the team logged a total of 3,000 volunteer hours, indicating a strong commitment to the cause of reducing food waste and feeding the hungry. The organization's continued efforts have provided invaluable support to their community, not only by recovering and serving food, but by inspiring volunteerism and leadership growth in the area.

About the team

  • Marina Schroeder


  • Sara-Jessica White

    VP of Operations

  • Alex Dobbins

    VP of Volunteer Relations

  • Amy Qazi

    VP of Nutrition

  • Hayden Mezick

    VP of Finance

  • Arielle Fay

    VP of Special Events

Year in numbers

Meals Served
Pounds of Food Recovered
Community Partners
Shift Leaders