Meet our leadership

We're a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about fighting food insecurity with dedication to serving the Auburn family and our surrounding communities.

  • Headshot photo of Elise Fitzgerald

    Elise Fitzgerald


    • Headshot photo of Jake Gaertner

      Jake Gaertner

      VP of Operations

      • Headshot photo of Claire Congo

        Claire Congo

        VP of Campus Relations

        • Headshot photo of Caroline Browne

          Caroline Browne

          VP of Community Outreach

          • Headshot photo of Jack Schamban

            Jack Schamban

            VP of Finance

            • Headshot photo of Kendall Stephens

              Kendall Stephens

              VP of Communications

              • Headshot photo of Jack Clem

                Jack Clem

                VP of Events

                • Headshot photo of Johanna Ehrhardt

                  Johanna Ehrhardt

                  VP of Nutritional Programs

                  • Headshot photo of Trevor Aupperle

                    Trevor Aupperle

                    VP of Technology

                    Shift leaders picking up food

                    Hunger Fighters

                    Dedicated to serving

                    Our Shift Leaders play a critical role in ensuring the success of our operations. These dedicated volunteers commit to leading regular weekly shifts for a semester, during which they are responsible for managing and training other volunteers, coordinating food recovery efforts, and preparing and serving nutritious meals to those in need. With their leadership and guidance, our Shift Leaders help to create a supportive and inclusive environment that empowers all volunteers to make a meaningful impact in the fight against hunger and food waste. We are grateful for their commitment and passion for our mission.

                    We appreciate our shift leaders!

                    • Caleb Alford
                    • Riley Allen
                    • Katie Bailey
                    • Asa Barnett
                    • Maggie Beard
                    • Lydia Bower
                    • Sontai-Blu Boyd
                    • Reagan Boyett
                    • Katherine Bradford
                    • Carter Burleson
                    • Kristen Calvert
                    • Michael Chen
                    • Juan Contreras
                    • Maitland Coppock
                    • Ian Davis
                    • Thomas Defee
                    • Jonathan Dinkel
                    • Paul Doan
                    • Raegan Fitzgerald
                    • Jack Gaddy
                    • Chase Gill
                    • Christopher Gillen
                    • Hadley Green
                    • Molly Grubb
                    • Emma Hall
                    • Jensen Hammons
                    • Owen Harris
                    • Noah Hinton
                    • Maggie Horton
                    • Morgan Hurston
                    • Drew Johnston
                    • Quinn Johnston
                    • Hannah Jones
                    • Michael Kassels
                    • Lauren Kuykendall
                    • Natalie Lamm
                    • Lauren Lavender
                    • Elizabeth Ledbetter
                    • Jackson Lefevre
                    • Pruitt Lillie
                    • Sally Mackey
                    • Barrett Maloney
                    • America Mandeville
                    • Andrew Manush
                    • Alyssa Marotte
                    • Jules Mauldin
                    • Phillip McCain
                    • Hollis McMahon
                    • Sydney Mockaitis
                    • Madeline Moore
                    • Daniel Morris
                    • JT Mumber
                    • Ryan Mumford
                    • Ainsley Neil
                    • Ethan Oesterle
                    • Chris Painter
                    • Daniel Phillips
                    • Hannah Phillips
                    • Katja Pietrass
                    • Bailee Price
                    • Emma Price
                    • Teja Ramapuram
                    • Riley Schuld
                    • Rosie Sebastian
                    • Logan Sharp
                    • Connor Sisk
                    • Hope Stearns
                    • Kendall Stephens
                    • Jukaylyn Sullivan
                    • Sam Tankersley
                    • Maddi Taylor
                    • Brandon Thomas
                    • Matt Tompson
                    • Isaiah Vande Griend
                    • Caitlyn Wanalista
                    • Brooke Wilson