"Kitchen of the Year"

2016 - 2017

The Campus Kitchens Project at Auburn University experienced substantial growth during the Spring 2016-Fall 2017 academic year. The number of shift leaders doubled from 15 to 30, helping to increase efficiency within operations. Additionally, 8 new community partners and 50 new committee members were added, with committees focused on outreach, nutrition, public relations, and operations. These efforts resulted in serving a total of 19,541 meals from 24,573 pounds of recovered food. This expansion was recognized at the Food Waste and Hunger Summit, where the team earned the "Kitchen of the Year" Award for safe and efficient operations, community partnerships, participation in the Campus Kitchens Project network, and volunteer engagement. The team's dedication to reducing food waste and fighting hunger in the Auburn community was evident in their remarkable efforts during the academic year.

About the team

  • Hallie Nelson


  • Stuart McFarland

    Vice President

  • Alexis Skarupa

    Director of Operations

  • Lauren Laube

    Director of Logistics

  • Stuart Lang


  • Gabby Hayes

    Director of Outreach

  • Kenzley Defler

    Director of Communications

  • Halie Taylor

    Nutrition & Food Safety

  • Jessica Polk

    Public Relations

  • Dannial Budhwani

    Director of Technology

Year in numbers

Meals Served
Pounds of Food Recovered
Community Partners
Shift Leaders