Rewnewed growth

2013 - 2014

This year marked a renewed growth of Campus Kitchens at Auburn University. Azeem Ahmed, a student at Auburn, traveled to Egypt in 2011 as a World Food Programme intern to help develop a national food program, conducting more than 40 field visits and certifying enough mills to produce 250,000 tons of vitamin-enriched rice. He saw hunger as an critical issue that was not just in these far-away countries, but also imminent in his own backyard. As a native of Auburn, he felt the responsibility to attend to hunger in the community with the incorporation of Campus Kitchens alongside Auburn's powerful Committee of 19, an organization affiliated with the United Nations World Food Programme.

About the team

  • David Kubik


  • Azeem Ahmed

    Vice President

  • Benjamin Manzano


  • Nicole Nabozniak

    Public Relations

  • Austin Zinkle

    Volunteer Coordinator

  • Lauren Chastain

    Campus Operations

  • Jared Commander

    Community Operations

  • Kaitlyn Welling

    Nutrition & Food Safety

  • Kyle Kubik

    Information Technology